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The Seven Essentials To Getting
Great Recovery Results and Getting 
Excellent Legal Help ...
Don’t Make Your Injury Experience Worse by Choosing the 
Wrong Doctor or the Wrong Attorney to Assist YOU.”
1. If you Suffer from Back or Neck Pain of any kind there is a good chance you have a Spinal Ligament Injury that has yet to be discovered.
Upon hearing Spinal Ligament Injury, Your 1st thought may be “that can’t be the problem, it sounds too benign.” While I cannot begin to Teach You Everything there is to Know about this Type of Injury, I can and will Improve Your Ability to be a Much Better Consumer and Help You Shop the Market for Much Better Results ... i.e., Locating an Educated, Informed Doctor who Knows what this Condition is, and more importantly how to Accurately Determine Where and How Severe it is if you have this Type of Injury !!!
2. The Spinal Ligament Injury is the # 1 Cause of Pain, Disability and Expense in the market today. To Seriously Reduce Your Risk of ALL 3 ... You will want to work with a 
Doctor that Fully Understands this Condition!!!
We have produced a video that explains the Horrible Results that people with these Spinal Ligament Injuries have retained in the past. The Results have Not Been Good !!! For example, here is a piece of research:
"In one of the longest studies ever performed on whiplash-injured patients looked at the health status of said patients 17 years after injury ... 55% of the patients still suffered from pain caused by the original trauma."  2 
This means that no matter what Doctor these Patients Treated with, 55% of the them had the Same Problem 17 Years Later !!! 
Do Not Become a Statistic by Treating with a Doctor that does not Specialize in the Rehabilitation of this Simple Condition !!! 
3. There are too few Doctors that know how to Properly Diagnose this Condition.
What is a Diagnosis ??? According to Wikipedia, a Diagnosis is the Identification of the Nature [inherent or inseparable features] and Cause of a Certain Phenomenon. The Nature of the Condition or Cause is what You always see with it. With Hepatitis C there are things that You always see with it, and that is the Nature of Hepatitis C Infections. 
With Moderate to Severe Spinal Ligament Injuries the 1 thing that You always see is Excessive Joint Motion. 
4. Too many Professionals today think of this Condition as “Just a Soft Tissue Injury”.
When it comes to Spinal Ligament Injuries You will hear so many people involved say these Unfortunate Words: “It Is Just A Soft Tissue Injury.” This saying is rampant today with many Doctors, Attorneys, Insurance Adjusters, and Insurance Executives. It is rampant with those that Do Not Fully Appreciate what a Soft Tissue Injury is. Nearly 100% of the Time the Person or Professional saying it cannot tell You how this Injury is Properly Evaluated and Diagnosed, nor can they tell You the List of Common Symptoms that are Attributed to this Injury.
5. The American Medical Association and other consider this to be 1 of the Most Significant Injuries that You can have.
The Biggest Problem in the Medical Legal System with Injuries, Compensation etc., was  how do our Doctors Objectively and Standardly Determine if Permanent Body Damage has Occurred with an Injury ??? The 2nd Problem was if Permanent Damage was agreed upon how do we Objectively and Standardly Determine the Effect that this Injury would have on a Person’s Ability to Perform their Basic Activities of Life Without Pain, Discomfort, or Suffering. This Monumental Task was accomplished in 1970’s when the AMA published the first Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment which could be easily renamed the “Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Injury” because that is exactly what Impairment is: A Condition That Injures The Person’s Ability to Function ...
6. Regarding this Type of Injury, the Insurance Industry has Very Specific Documentation
Requirements for Both Your Doctor and Your Attorney.
The Insurance Industry is often made out to be the bad guy in Injury Work and in My Experience this is usually not the case, even though they too have Caused Huge Issues in this Area !!! When it comes to Your Benefits, Documentation is the Absolute Key !!! Who are the Bad Guys then ??? The Bad Professionals are the Professionals that Do Not Even Know the Basics of what any Insurer Needs for Documentation ... Insurers today still use Artificial Intelligence to Adjudicate Claims, which means that the Adjuster who is going to Complete a Claim for You will be Asked a Series of Questions from a Computer.
7. It is Very Important to have a Doctor & an Attorney that Understands ALL of these Simple  Points.
Why any have Doctor Treating You that does not Understand the Condition that You have or even worse, is Missing what You Really May Have ??? Doctors who Understand this Spinal Ligament Injury know how to Properly Image It (X-ray, CRMA, MRI). They know how to Properly Identify Both the Severity and the Location of this Type of Injury. If they do not and You are treating with them, in my experience, Your Chances of an Optimal Recovery can be Significantly Reduced, which means that You May Needlessly Suffer for 
the Rest of Your Life ... Before You Treat with any Doctor for a Spinal Ligament Injury, a Sprained Back or Neck, for Whiplash, make sure the Doctors Knows how to Locate and Determine the Severity of this Injury. How hard is it for a Doctor to take some X-Rays and send them for an Accurate Spinal Intersegmental Motion Study of the Injured Area? It’s not hard at all ... So Do Not Tolerate those who Do Not Know what You Now Know !!! 
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